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Journey – lifelong dream for most, Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, in southern India. Consists of 26 atolls comprising the entire 1.192 Islands. It is the smallest populated Asian country and also the smaller Islamic state in the world. Capital and only urban center of the country is in Malé, with a population barely exceeds 100.000 residents. As a crossroads of sea routes, Maldives inhabited since ancient times, maintaining close trade relations with India and Sri Lanka. From the 16th century colonized by several European countries: originally from the Portuguese, then by the Dutch, followed by the French and finally the British. The colonial era ended in the 19th century, however the full independence of the Maldives soon conquered 1956, year to which remained a British protectorate. Since the 1990 economic development of the country began and became one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Not unfairly, after literally are an earthly paradise, turquoise waters, colorful corals, glittering beaches and coconut trees everywhere. Visitors have the opportunity to choose among the hundreds of islands, to relax on a deserted beach and enjoy the beautiful nature and the sea. The tourist infrastructure in the Maldives is very organized, satisfying even the most demanding visitor. Another remarkable fact about Maldives, that is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most level state of the world, since the maximum height from sea level on record is just 2,3 meters. Access can be done through 2 International airports available to the country, the Gan in Addu Atoll in the south and the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Male Atoll.

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