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Delhi is the largest metropolis in India in terms of area and second largest in terms of population, after Mumbai. It is the eighth largest city in the world with 16,7 million people. According to Census 2011, in the wider area of ​​the city (Metropolitan Capital Region) resident 21.753.486 people and was the largest of India. Delhi name is used for both the metropolis, and the capital of India New Delhi, which is located within the urban fabric of Delhi. The city is built on the banks of river Tzamna, a tributary of the Ganges. Delhi, although federal district, more like state, as it has its own legislation, judicial authority and cabinet which initiates the prime minister of Delhi. New Delhi, capital of India is governed by both the Government of India, and by the Government of Delhi.

The city has a long history, inhabited since the second millennium BC. The city was known to the Arabs and the Persians for the glory of. It was the capital of the Mughal Empire. The city was occupied in 1803 in the English. The British maintained to power the Great Mongol, who was in’ named chief of the empire of the Great Mongol until 1857, when the Indians rebelled and massacred the Christian inhabitants and destroyed part of the city. The British managed to retake the city and rebuilt. The 1877, Queen Victoria was crowned Empress of India in Delhi. Choose the city because of its long history. The 1911 began the rebuilding of New Delhi or imperial, but stopped because of World War I. The city finally completed in 1926.

The town served the airport "Indira Gandhi" and operates metro.

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