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Serbia is a country of central Balkans. Its capital is Belgrade (population 1.756.534), while other large cities are Novi Sad (380.507), Nis (305.518), in Kragujevac (210.105) and Subotica (145.067). It borders with Hungary, west Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro, south to Macedonia, Southwest with Albania and east to Bulgaria and Romania. He was a member of the federal state of Yugoslavia, while by June 2006 was one of the two republics formed the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

It has a population 7.114.393 residents and area 88.361 (with Kosovo). It consists of the central Serbia, Vojvodina in the north and, Kosovo in the south according to the UN.

The Kosovo province, Fri.’ He was part of Serbia, the war of 1999 and then was UN protectorate as de facto outside the control of Serbian authorities. From the 17 February 2008 The region declared independence unilaterally and therefore separation from Serbia. The independent Kosovo is now internationally recognized by 104 Countries, from all countries of former Yugoslavia (Croatian, Montenegro, FYROM, Slovenia) outside of Serbia and Bosnia itself – Herzegovina.

After a referendum held in Montenegro on 21 May 2006, Serbia and Montenegro compound dissolved, thus Montenegro and Serbia are now independent states. At 5 June 2006, Serbia officially declared the dissolution of the federation with Montenegro.

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