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Letter to our travelers 09-09-2013 to travel Vietnam-Ko Samui -Mpangkok


We traveled with my friend in several parts of the beautiful blue planet!!! every trip has its difficulties and its beauties! This year was a year we wanted to combine and things to see and rest due to a very difficult winter we had passed!!! the choice of our trip was a difficult case because we've been to so many places already…whenever our options dwindle!!!LIKE initially go into kingdoms over from India ,Bhutan Kashmir Ladakh, which admittedly is a magical adventurous trip but we thought the degree of difficulty 8-9 and due to tiredness we decided to do it another time!με την Μαίρη Σουλη λογω μεγάλης φιλίας και συνεργασίας σε ολα τα υπέροχα ταξίδια μας καθίσαμε αρκετές φορες και έχοντας μπροστα μας τον πλανήτη ψάχναμε για το που….We will fly this summer….We decided finally again a perfect trip for our case!!! start with something unknown and interesting as Vietnam a country that had since left the area….to close and this point of blue spheres! Ko Samui island after our beloved Thailand, for rest and end shortly Bangkok ….to take our performance, Why should I tell you that for us is that our city drug!!! not bored ever!!!So our Meroula, organized his trip to details always ask ….because needless to say we are very difficult travelers….We always want the best hotel, the best guide, the best food ,,,,with the best price!!!! But yes and with Mary we manage everything! This year!!! started Stis 5 August flew to Egypt air business class to Cairo! the new airplane the pilot is very good of the Egyptian air force with experience ,,,,I say these things because I can not deny that it was the first time I flew with another company was closed AFTER the beloved Thai and we had a stress! arrive Cairo seeing the three pyramids from above!The airport does not say, and many other necessary evil!the hotel for a swim in the pool a little rest and at night we leave for Bangkok!!! The amazing flight !we arrive in the morning transit passes for AWD!!! REACH AWD come as always and we get from the airport by our guide and our driver and go to our hotel!!! sofitel! amazing! Room overlooking the lake !the ANNOI is an interesting capital but for three days is enough …worth for the next excursion cruise on Halo Bay that are unique spectacle starring the nature!!!is the path around the 3 hours but This gives you and opportunity to see the hinterland with orizones the Vietnamese villages and the lives of ordinary Spatial !When they arrive gets us a graphic KAIKI and starts the cruise …unique spectacle!!!fantastic photos for a life '!!!after the AWD fly to Hue the most beautiful part of Vietnam !!!poly graphic poly doll,the finest HOTEL LA RESIDENCE!!!! Atmospheric French flair with furniture and Belle Epoque excellent service !!again after three meroules flight to Saigon!!!Again Sofitel classic beautiful and clear with very good food!!!sightseeing not analyzed because it is the classic and I write reviews on trip advisor !after the Hue fly to Saigon!!! We stay again at the Sofitel !a day trip to the delta of river megkong was very fun and saw a little more how the Vietnamese live in the river at some NISAKIA!!!generally Vietnam is a sweet and relaxing trip with mild difficulty and so we too quit and this point of our travel map!!!after the wonderful Cambodia,Burma enchanting,Laos,!!!fleeing from Vietnam to Koh Samui!!!we have turned Thailand SVOURA countless times from Kuzey Güney and EAST WEST!!!This island had not been going!!!is a miniature Phuket's favorites!in Ko Samui plays a big role in what hotel you live para poly!!!exactly what you want to do on your holidays!!has for all tastes enough to you know…We stayed at the Intercontinental was the best hotel we have stayed after the Maldives!!a terrible location with the most beautiful lobby,the most beautiful sunset,the best food and service!!!infinite photos!!!a gem that does not disturb the environment and our aesthetic,We stayed a week in paradise!!!We made incredible holiday at this resort!!!soon it is time to leave for the beloved Bangkok ….we would stay at LE BUA drift from the movie hangover and did not hear the Meroula telling us that it is Yob!! LIKE climb as we did in 64 floor in outdoor restaurant to see and take pictures of Bangkok from above!!!this property must be closed….It is shame for there to Bangkok …stink fossa,everywhere ,carpets service,carpets rooms,not allowed to take pictures of the SIROCCO!!!They broke the nerves!!!Fortunately we had all closed at wonderful massage Oriental who had told the Meroula from the beginning we were staying !!!!no matter Great time in Bangkok as always imaginary shopping within three days shooting 5 malls!finally the ASIA not changing anything!!!good and Latin America but these that gives you the Asia hast not elsewhere!!


Aristides Marinis

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30 years we now offer trips to unique destinations , for vacation , relaxation and wedding exotic trips , individual and group on economic prices!