Our trip was a dream…Letter to Our Customers 31/10/2010


lady Theologi

Yesterday we returned with my wife from SUN ISLAND.

Our trip was a dream all respects. I believe that the island
can meet the most requirements of most Greek travelers
(excluding spoiled, zaplouton extremely fussy).

I recommend you insist so your customers can choose the Water Villas on the island for the following reasons:

a. Due to the magical feeling that offer.
b. The island has a large size and are located in a central location, making it possible to directly access to all major facilities on the island. Residents of other apartments (other than those in the center) you have to travel long distances every day or rent bicycles.
c. They are not accessible to animals and bugs.

Also a small part in the SW coast of the island is rocky. This will certainly disappoint those who happen to be housed in apartments that are located in this region.

For those close Water Villa, the journey will be dreamy. The island provides many services so it is practically impossible to get bored someone (unless he does not have enough money with him) that will stay there for a period of up to two weeks.

The prices are quite stiff so I suggest you recommend to your clients close Full Board or even better All Inclusive. Indicative prices you quote: Beer 5$, Water 3,5$, a glass of wine 8$, Snorkelling 30$, Spa 80$, Hamburger 11$. I also propose to have with them all the necessary beach already like. masks, respirators, underwater photography, etc. since the island prices are outrageous (B.C. bought masks 8 Euro in Greece, while the cheapest on the island was 80$).

Absolutely recommend the seaplane on returning and leaving the island. They are 100% sure to please you when the time comes.

We would like to thank you for our cooperation.

Stavros Pantazis – Sophia Tsiolis

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