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Brazil is the largest and most populous country in Latin America, South America. also, It is the fifth largest country in area in the world, and fifth in population. It covers a vast area between the Andes and the Atlantic Ocean, and borders with all South American countries, except Chile and Ecuador. consecutively, and from south to north, bordering Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. The coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in length 7.491 km., while belonging to this islands and island groups, as the archipelago Fernando de Noronha, The Rocas Atoll, the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago, and islets Trintante and Martin Vaz.

Brazil was a colony of Portugal from 1500, when it was discovered by Pedro Alvarez Cabral, until independence in 1822. Parliamentary monarchy since 1824 It was declared a republic in 1889. The current Constitution of 1988 defines Brazil as a Federal Republic based on compound 26 states, the federal capital and 5.564 municipalities.

Brazil is the tenth largest economy in the world in market potential and the ninth in purchasing power. Economic reforms have given the country new international perspective. also, Brazil is the United Nations and the Union of the States of South America. With a multinational, multicultural, mainly Catholic and Portuguese-speaking society, Brazil while hosting an enormous biodiversity and diverse natural surroundings, particularly abundant natural resources and a number of protected ecosystems.

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