The company Cel Tours SA We respect your privacy (any information which may be identified as name, address , phone) and recognizes the need to protect. We would like to ensure you that we take all necessary steps to protect your personal data on our website.

Generally, you can visit his website CEL TOURS without having to tell us who / what you are or reveal information related to you. We record the email addresses of the domain from which users visit our website and analyze the data for statistical purposes but in any case users keep their anonymity.

Some websites use "cookies '' so that we can serve you better on your next visit with customized information for you. The "cookies '' is recognition mechanisms that a website sends to" browser '' stored in computer memory to facilitate your next visit to our website. You can customize the '' browser '' to notify you when you come a " 'cookie' 'giving you the option to save or not. The information we collect and analyze used to improve the quality of our services.

There are times when you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name , address or phone. In such cases there will always be informed about the advisability behind this collection of information and will always have the option not to us disclosing your personal data or some of them. Unless you give us your personal data, you can still visit our website, but you will not have access to certain parts, services and appropriate.

H Cel Tours will not sell, Market disclose the information to third parties arising from the registration and use in service to our website (such as names and addresses) without the consent of the client user. The above does not apply in cases of prosecutorial warrant or other judicial intervention when there is imminent danger to the user or to others. OR Cel Tours will allow suppliers to access the user's personal data to confirm registration and to deliver the benefits entitled.

The Cel Tours will take all necessary measures to protect the data you share with us. We have implemented the necessary security safeguards and strict use codes to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure. The Cel Tours will continue to strengthen the safeguards and when new technologies are available.

If the privacy policy of our website change in the future, will appear for the new implementation date will be indicated. You must visit this section regularly to keep you informed / or any changes / modifications.

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