The Jerusalem (referred to as Jerusalem) city ​​is located on a plateau in the mountains of Judea, between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. The status of the city is a matter of controversy between Israel and Palestine. Israel has declared the capital of the 1949, and also is the largest city in Israel, but the eastern part of the city is considered by the international community as occupied part of Palestine, after the war of six days, the 1967, when Israeli forces occupied it by Jordan. In Jerusalem are the Knesset (parliament of Israel), presidential and prime minister's residence and the Supreme Court of Israel.

It is an ancient city, which is Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious center and historical significance. Probably this is the ancient city of Salem, whose king was Melchizedek. This city, which subsequently called Ievous, King David conquered from the Jebusites. After the nation of Israel dividing Jerusalem became the capital and holy city of Jews and the southern kingdom of Judah. Also in this town King Solomon built the magnificent Jewish Temple which was destroyed a few centuries later by the Babylonians. Today, only a part of the wall from the period of the Second Temple, the famous "wall of tears" or more correctly "Western Wall".

The old city of Jerusalem is a World Heritage site, surrounded by a fortified wall and divided into four districts: Armenian, Christian, Muslim and Jewish. Because of the Holy Land has considerable tourism. Attractions are the Castle (24 B.C.), Cathedral of St. James from the 12th century, the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif), Al-Aqsa mosque (705–715), Troulos (or Canopy) the Rock, West wall, Fortress Antonia, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the garden of Gethsemane, the Tombs of the Kings and the Mount of Olives.

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