Letter to our travelers 23-01-2014 for trip to India


I thought a long time to organize a trip to the Golden Triangle of India as well as in varanasi.O my concern was if we will go our only those gathered that will use some AGENCY GREEK Eventually gathered 18 people from the Civil Aviation ,friends and relatives and so decided to leave the organization in accordance with our own wants in Mary Soulis who I had met at random AMICON and I had heard about the specialization in India. Means for realization in December 13 days our visit for the first time in india.Perasame GREAT why we feel the need to say a big thank you to Mary and their collaborators in the celtours Greece and India because it really gave us the opportunity to realize our dream with low prices,means the economic crisis,having benefits worthy of the best European AGENCY! Following the instructions of Mary for nutrition thing that scares all of us ,dec we had heard ,We are shooting everyone healthy baby and rather troubled by overweight!Yes we can stand in the space tourism abroad when there are entrepreneurs with experience and above all a consequence MERAKI!I close my eyes and I see the varanasi. Mary was right and honest to everyone efchartstoume! We already cringe MONEY for our next meeting.

Filio Charalambous

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