Amsterdam is the capital and largest municipality in population of Holland. Founded in the late 12th century as a small fishing village on the river Amstel, they named. Today is the economic and cultural center of the country. The municipality has an area 219,33 km² and a population 805.166 residents (August 2013). The city has a population 790.044 residents and the wider metropolitan area 2.289.762 residents. Located in the northern part of the wider Randstad area (Randstad), one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe.

Amsterdam has one of the largest historical centers in Europe, mainly from the 17th century, the Golden Age of Holland, which was the focal point. At that time, a series of concentric semicircular canals, famous chrachten (canals) built around the older city center, which today define the layout and appearance of the center. Along the canals are many beautiful houses and mansions; most are inhabited, others are now offices, and some are public buildings.

The city is known for many outstanding museums, as the State Museum Rijksmuseum (The Rijksmuseum), to Van Gogh Museum, the City Museum (The Municipal Μuseum), the Anne Frank House, and the world-famous symphony orchestra, the Konsertchempaouorkest, whose base is the Concertgebouw. Known it is also part of the city with “red lights”, the De Wallen, and the numerous 'Kofi-sops'.

Although Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, It is neither the capital of the province to which it belongs, North Holland, (whose capital is Haarlem), neither the seat of government (which is the Hague).

Amsterdam holds the title of the city with the most nationalities in the world.

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